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Investment Strategy

  • Deliberate buying of stocks (one at a time, choosing each one individually)

  • Look for mistakes by Wall Street

  • Buy below intrinsic value

  • Flexible approach - growth stocks, value stocks, and small, mid, or large-sized companies, except for the High Dividend Portfolio which invests only in large caps

Advantages over Mutual Funds

  • No hidden costs (like 12(b)(1) fees in mutual funds)

  • See what you own

  • Detailed reporting and direct access to me

Five Star Wealth Manager Winner 
2017, 2018, and 2019

Investment Strategy: About

Independent Analysis

What you can expect from Naworski Investments, LLC: 

  • Independent analysis of stocks

  • No ties to investment bankers

  • No ties to the major Wall street brokerages

  • Stock analysis is done from scratch

  • Your interests come first

The same isn't always true for many professional money managers, who sometimes can't be honest to you without risking their own livelihoods. Those firms have a financial interest in promoting certain stocks, annuities and mutual funds, regardless of whether they are a good investment for you. At Naworski Investments we do not sell financial products and there is never a surrender charge or exit fee.

Investment Strategy: Text
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